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Level 3 Manager

Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. -Mitt Romney

Level 3 Manager (3 Star " " Manager)- Advance Leadership Cluster

Focus and Objectives

The program focus is to build strong leadership capacity in individuals, to enable them lead organisation, business and institutes applying relative strategies and best practices. This is the ability to manage at the executive level; looking at the future and responding appropriately at all times.

Program Details

This program builds on the skills learnt and acquired subsequent to participating in the Level 2 manager (Managing Others) program.

  • Change Management in Organization
  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Stress Management for Executives
  • Building Teams for Business continuity
  • Performance Review and Tracking for Team Management
  • Executive Role in Corporate Governance
  • Talent Management
  • Managing Succession
  • Become a Role Model
  • Coaching clinic
your journey to managerial stardom starts here.

your journey to managerial stardom starts here.
Who should attend
  • Graduates of Level 2 Manager (Managing Others)
  • Managers with more than 15 years work experience
  • Business Owners with More than 10 years experience
  • Self Employed Professionals
  • Functional and Divisional Head
  • Corporate Leaders