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Our Method

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin

We employ a combination of case studies, role plays and syndicate sessions, videos and lectures/seminars to achieve the “how to approach.”

Our classes are facilitated by veteran managers with nothing less than 15 years as a manager to allow for personal experience sharing



We do not advise that all the levels be taken at once. We generally advise a time lag of nothing less than 6 months between levels. This allows for the learning to shape the habit of the participant to a large extent before the next cluster.

During such intervals their supervisors would give confidential reports on them which would be used in the follow-up programs and even in the mentoring sessions. Alternatively, a psychometric test is conducted prior to the commencement of the next level to determine how well the participant has progressed in his learning of managerial skills.

The skills acquired shall be subjected to assessment to determine compliance with international standards and best practice.

At the end of each level, the participant shall be awarded the following recognition

  • 1 Star Manager for the Managing Self Program.  
  • 2 Star Manager for the Managing Others Program.  
  • 3 Star Manager for the Managing The Business Program.


We continue to coach and mentor our graduates throughout their career life span and encourage a network that foster such.

Our graduates shall also have access to up to date world class library and business management periodicals.



your journey to managerial stardom starts here.

your journey to managerial stardom starts here.