Work not as WORK!

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We all have different definitions or perspective to work. Some see work as a task or combination of tasks. There are those who understand work as a means of achieving an objective or a purpose. This has led to the question, is work work?

In corporate environment, we always insist that people do not see work or work as work. Since work is a collection of activities and efforts, there must be a reason we are doing it. We are not doing anything for the sake of doing it. We work because there is an output or outcome or objective to be achieved.

When we see work, not as work, we will never leave any work uncompleted, since that will be a wasted effort. Work has meaning, relevance and reward whenever the objective is achieved.

So plan for work like this:

  • Why am I going to exert my effort on this work – Objective
  • What is the best efficient way to approach it – Process
  • How do I know the work has been done – Performance measure

Finally always ask yourself,

  • Is this work, work?
  • Is this work a means to my objective?