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  • ‘’…a persistent mismatch between the skills of available workers, especially recent graduates and the skills that companies believe are needed to drive growth and competitive advantage “Accenture 2013 college graduate employment survey
  • Educational institutions and organizations struggle to synchronize skills development with skills demand”
  • “workers need more sophisticated skill sets”
  • “All across our business people need to add technology and problem solving skills to their existing skill sets”.

“—companies and their recruiters lament the lack of job readiness of their new hires, but from graduates’ perspective, many feel overqualified, not underqualified  for the jobs available”

Attention has therefore shifted from only academic qualification to skills possessed to get the job done

The top ten skills that get you a job when you graduate

1. Commercial awareness or business acumen

2. Communication

3. Teamwork

4. Negotiation and persuasion

5.Problem solving

6. Leadership

7. Organization

8. Perseverance and motivation

9. Ability to work under pressure

10. Confidence


  • University/colleges are not preparing work ready graduates-education system too exam oriented.
  • There is no skill content in graduate program (basic knowledge)
  • Students are not trying to know what they lack, what to improve or focus on and the applied skills to develop by self efforts to guarantee job after graduation
  • Emphasis is laid on getting a job and not building career
  • Increasing demand for higher level skills in our knowledge based economy
  • Decline in manufacturing leading to increase in services and professional skills
  • 60% of graduate jobs don’t specify subject discipline
  • Emphasis on 2:1 (upper Dip) result in selection procedure
  • Academic results not enough-need to demonstrate range of applied skills and experience
  • Issues with type of jobs graduate get into


School-to-work training program was designed by Managerial School of Excellence to assist young and ambitious graduates to have access to necessary information about the job market, career options even after graduation and acquire the necessary work place skills that will set them apart at the work place, and our approach is not just to train what to do but how to do things.


  • Create awareness about the program
  • Provide roadmap for job seekers
  • Provide the platform for work readiness
  • Information-
  • Skill audit
  • Skill training
  • Job search
  • Provide a community system for experience sharing
  • Job search solutions
  • Community pricing
  • Resources
  • Training
  • Job and career counselling


  • Register
  • Participate in job challenge
  • Visit website- regularly
  • Apply for training through platform for discount
  • Introduce others to increase discount