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  • The Economic Environment
  • Value of Certificate
  • Workplace skills
  • Choice of Career
  • Personal SWOT

Knowledge of the Economy

  • The Industry Profile.
    • Know the profile of the industry you intend to work in.
  • Economic trends and indicators.
    • Even if you didn’t study Economics in school, you must know basic economic issues: follow the news.
  • The Economic needs of the future.
    • What will Nigeria’s economy look like. Which industry or profession will dominate?

The Value of Certificate

  • It certifies academic or mental ability
  • Certificate value must be demonstrated-make it count
  • Enhancement Option – Get skills that will enhance the value of your certificate.

What career means


A career is a chosen line of activities to which you devote your energy –passion and time to support a prosperous (happy) life.

Deciding Career

  • Passion
  • Skills
  • Market

Changing Career

If market changes, change your skill before changing career.

How to decide on career choice

  • Career is a marathon not a sprint – set it as stepping stones.
  • Make a career plan.
    • Entry Level Officer
    • Senior Specialist – Senior Consultant in line of specialization option
    • General Management – Director/Operations option
    • Business Analyst – Business Manager option
  • Use the G + P + V formula.
    • Gifts + Passions + Values – strength is passion and your values are non-negotiable
  • Ask other people.
  • Explore unconventional careers – If not excited by the popular career available, try unconventional ones.
  • Find a Mentor.
  • Try an Internship.
  • Take a Test – For example, those used by banks
  • Keep in mind what you are good at.
  • Think about what excites and engages you.
    • Be aware of all the opportunities.
    • Find out what the requirements are.
    • Consult career consultants.

What to know before looking for Jobs.

  • Self Assessment and Job Profiling – skills and requirement of every job.
  • The job and your career fit.
  • Recruitment and Hiring Process – Interview Techniques

Top Workplace Skills

  • Communication
  • Organizational
  • IT Skills
  • Analytical/Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Business Acumen
  • Interpersonal

Know your personal SWOT

S- Strength




Entrepreneurship vs. Craft


An entrepreneur is someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.


An activity involving skill in making things by hand.

For exampleThe craft of cobbling


  • To become an entrepreneur does not necessarily involve going through craft. You can turn craft into business.
  • Entrepreneurship is a mindset, a philosophy, a business orientation.
  • Craft is like a meal ticket but may not last
  • Generally, an entrepreneur has a passion for solving problems.
  • An entrepreneur is a business person. He sees things from business angle

Degrees for Next Generation Careers







•          HEALTH: Increasing population and need to check diseases and their spread. Health care will continue to be on the front burner.


•          Biology

•          Public Health

•          Health Information Tech

•          Pharmacy

•           Nursing

•          Medicine


•          Genetic Consultant

•          Medical Public Health

•          Social Worker

•           Registered Nurse

•          Technologist

•          Home Health Aid.


•          BUSINESS: Global business will continue to be a major economic driver.


•          International Finance

•          E-commerce

•          Business Statistics

•          ICT

•          Financial Support.


•          International Consultant

•          Strategic Planner

•          Portfolio Management Business analyst


•          GREEN COLLAR JOB:

The need to be environmentally conscious, design, policy, and technology to improve conservation and sustainability.


•          Environmental science.

•          Natural Resource Management and Policy.

•          Electromechanical Technology.


•       Sustainability Officer

•       Renewable Energy Technician

•       Waste Management Consultant

•       Geophysicist

•       Sustainable Environment Planner



Research that covers a wide variety of medical fields.


•          Biotechnology

•          Bioinformatics

•          Cell Biology

•          Anatomical Sciences

•          Molecular Pharmacology

•          Lab Technology


•          Robotic Technician

•          Simulation Engineer

•          Synthetic Biologist

•          Gene screener


•          FINANCE

Finance is wide-ranging, covering an array of specializations in the world of business, economics and banking.


•       Statistics

•       Investment and Securities Analysis

•       Functional Analysis

•       Financial Planning

•       Accounting


•       Forensic

•       Accountant

•       Credit Analyst

•       Private Equity

•       Management Consultant

•       Geophysicist


•          DIGITAL SPACE

A lot of open opportunities abound in the Digital Space – Technology and Communications.


•       Computer Science

•       Computational         Mathematics

•       Game Design and Development

•       Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

•       Data Processing Technology


•       Interface designer

•       Software Developer

•       Content Generator

•       Cybersecurity Specialist

•       Casual game designer.


•          AUTOMOTIVE

Designs that can solve the energy crisis through creation of hybrid vehicles and other technologies.


•       Transportation and Highway Engineering

•       Environmental Science

•       Natural Resources Management, Design Engineering

•       Industrial Safety Technology.


•       Energy Efficiency Manager

•       Automotive Field Technician

•       Specialist Industrial Product Manager

•       Mechanical Engineer

•       Energy Conservation Engineer.


From this discussion, these are things to do:

  • Personal Profiling is important.
    • Communication plan – Email, Social Media especially LinkedIn.
  • Perfect your career choice and related skills.
  • Start the journey and ensure continuous improvement.
  • Stay informed – Networking.
  • Brand yourself – Be known for something.