Managerial Internship Program

Focus and Objective

The focus is to develop a young manager ready for any challenge in business or personal life, individual who is able to manage self in all of life activities.

Program Content

  1. Introduction to business mathematics, reading
  2. And comprehension (The basic skills).
  3. The rule of works (R.Templer)
  4. The managerial concept in an organisation.
  5. The organisation management model
  6. Performance management designs
  7. Taking responsibility- accountability
  8. Integrity and competence
  9. Using case studies as corporate learning
  10. The managerial decision process
  11. Managing self- Being in control
  12. ICT leverage
  13. Effective communication
  14. Working in a team
  15. Leadership in the work place
  16. Lifelong learning and self-direction
  17. Professionalism and ethics
  18. Social responsibility
  19. Fighting procrastination
  20. Using your time instead of spending it
  21. The assessment centre.

Who to Attend

  • Fresh graduates seeking employment
  • Fresh hires desiring to make a lasting impact at the place of work
  • Companies seeking to help new hires transit smoothly from the school place to the work place.
Duration: 3 Months
FEES: N285,000 per participant

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