Transiting From The Classroom To The Workplace

Focus and Objective

The program is designed to ensure that participants are reoriented to meet the requirement of the work place. It is designed to help develop a culture that would make the participant comfortable in any work environment even as a self-engaged entrepreneur.

Program Content

  1. Understanding the business environment/culture.
  2. The employment contract/responsibility.
  3. The corporate personality-attributes.
  4. Business ethics and etiquettes.
  5. Effective business communication (written/oral)
  6. Crossing the hurdle-interview and aptitude test
  7. Time management
  8. Business negotiation
  9. Financial literacy
  10. Team building

Who to Attend

  • Fresh graduates seeking employment
  • Fresh hires desiring to make a lasting impact at the place of work
  • Companies seeking to help new hires transit smoothly from the school place to the work place.
Duration: 1 Week
FEES: N65,000 per participant

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