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The Managerial School of Excellence (MSE) is a leading management training institution focused on managerial skills development.

We teach green horns what it takes to function in the workplace and get them to be self confident; we prepare the ambitious manager to deliver effectively and efficiently on the job and turn rookie managers into star managers.

Let’s Make You a Star Manager

At Managerial School of Excellence, we believe that management starts with managing self, before managing others. Only when you can manage others will you be able to manage the business.

Level 1 Manager: Managing Self

Train and re-orientate graduates and professionals to be able to work and deliver results without much supervision while making the best use of personal skills and diligence.

Level 2 Manager: Managing Others

The focus at the level 2 program is to build confidence and competence in people to be able to manage other employees and team members to deliver corporate results.

Level 3 Manager: Managing the Business

The program focus is to build strong managerial capacity in individuals, to enable them manage business and institutes applying relative strategies and best practices.

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