Level One Manager

Managing Self

Focus and Objectives

Train and re-orientate graduates and professionals to be able to work and deliver results without much supervision while making the best use of personal skills and diligence. Participants will develop an ability to plan, organize to get things done, be accountable for resources, with focus on effectiveness and efficiency.

Program Details

The program is managed in 4 different clusters. Each cluster contains detailed contents to ensure participants become reasonably knowledgeable and able to apply such skills in the workplace.

Managerial Basic Skills Cluster

  • Managerial Attributes and Functions – a new culture
  • Principles of Management- Rules of works, Rules of Management
  • Getting Organized= Core skill
  • Corporate Governance System and Manager
  • Customer Focus
  • Financial Literacy
  • Learning from Experience
  • Fighting Procrastination
  • Assessment Centre

Communication Skills Cluster

  • Basic Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Writing Effectively (Business Communication)
  • Internal Memo Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Reporting Skill
  • Listening Skills
  • Electronic Mails and Internet Etiquette
  • Communication and Relationship Management
  • Communication in Corporate Culture-protocols
  • Assessment Centre

Personal Effectiveness Skills Cluster

  • Understanding Personal Effectiveness
  • The Effectiveness Tool
  • Time Management
  • ICT Tools
  • Resource Management
  • Office Management
  • Management of Emotions- (anger) in the workplace
  • Assertiveness and Managerial Confidence
  • Taking Responsibility- being in control
  • Team Work/Collaboration
  • Assessment and Mentoring Session

Thinking Creatively Skills Cluster

  • Understanding Creativity
  • Develop Creative Skills
  • Using the Creative Approach to problems in the workplace
  • Working with others to solve problems
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Learning on the Job- improvement projects
  • Assessment and mentoring sessions

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