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Managers make hundreds of decisions every day. The quality of those decisions is reflected in the business results. The manager’s primary role is to get the job done through people. If he doesn’t know how to harness the company’s resources effectively, then he cannot deliver on the required goals.


More often than not, people are appointed managers -sometimes because of their technical competence, their education pedigree and number of years in the company and maybe loyalty- without recourse to equipping them with managerial skills to do the job. Having an MBA is great, you might be able to develop a world-class strategy, but quite frankly you will always fall short of world-class execution if you lack the capability to get the job done through people.


At Managerial School of Excellence, we believe that management starts with managing self, before managing others. Only when you can manage others will you be able to manage the business.

It is great to be a world-class star manager. Just decide today!

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