The Visioner's Statement

lake olufadeI have a dream that one day the world will have enough competent and excellent managers at all levels such that we will be able to maximize all our natural resources and make the world a better place to live.


After years of exposure to learning and working, I have discovered that managerial skills are intrinsic but could be truly manifested through proper education and learning. It is “wisdom” that is unique in the orderly management of resources around us. The corporate managers only typify a group of people with specific resources given to them on a condition of an expected outcome. So the owner of resources tracks their performances- They have a contract of engagement (Managerial Contract).


Other people have resources in their care but not a contract to perform- the resources are not accounted for. Whatever they do with it becomes a matter of chance.

Hence our vision is to consciously build managerial skills and consciousness so that we can all effectively use the available resources more effectively. We are only starting with the corporate managers and those with responsibility and contracts, hoping and believing that a critical mass of people will be so re-orientated towards managerial responsibility and accountability. This is our oath, or commitment and our passion.


Having a relationship with us makes you our partner. We need you as you need us, let us work together and make our business world different; becoming less wasteful and more accountable.


Together we can make the difference.


Leke Olufade


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