Level Three Manager

Managing the Business

Focus and Objectives

The program focus is to build strong managerial capacity in individuals, which enable them to manage business and institutes applying relative strategies and best practices. This is the ability to manage at the executive level; looking at the future and responding appropriately at all times.

Program Details

This program builds on the skills learnt and acquired subsequent to participating in the Level 2 manager (Managing Others) program. It is designed in 4 clusters. Each cluster contains detailed contents to ensure participants become reasonable knowledgeable and able to apply such skills in the workplace.

Strategic Business Management Cluster

  • Understanding Strategic Management in Organization
  • Red Ocean Scenario
  • Blue Ocean Scenario
  • Designing Functional Strategies
  • Managing Strategy Implementation process
  • The people issues in Strategy process
  • Acting as a change Agent
  • Using Case studies
  • Assessment Centre

Advance Leadership Cluster

  • Change Management in Organization
  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Stress Management for Executives
  • Building Teams for Business continuity
  • Performance Review and Tracking for Team Management
  • Executive Role in Corporate Governance
  • Talent Management
  • Managing Succession
  • Become a Role Model
  • Coaching clinic

Executive Management Skills Cluster

  • Procurement management skills
  • Managing Financial level
  • Managing at HR level
  • Managing at Operations level
  • Understanding Corporate IT Initiatives and Business Performance
  • Managing Public Relationship at the Local and Global levels
  • Coaching Clinic – coaching and mentorship techniques

Meeting Stakeholders Expectations Cluster

  • Putting Stakeholders First
  • Stakeholders Mapping
  • Sustaining Stakeholder loyalty
  • Corporate Result Drivers
  • Business Growth Options
  • Alliance Management in the Global World
  • Planning for Corporate Exit
  • Foreign Program Opportunity. Business Acumen for High Potential Leaders
  • Positive Organization Leadership
  • Emerging Leaders Program

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