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There are a lot of challenges and obstacles that lie along the way, including saws, blades, and hammers. Most of the Android or iOS games are developed in such a way that you need an internet connection to upgrade levels if not to play them on your device. With the availability on Android as well as the iOS platform, it is one of the best free games without WiFi that you are looking for. If you would like to expedite the addition of your listing, you may purchase our Expedited Delivery for addition within one week. Log in. Vix

5 Best Offline PC Games You Can Play Without Using The Internet – Advantages of playing slots


In this article we will take a look at the top 25 free games without wifi or internet. Games that need an internet connection sometimes contain a plethora of annoying ads and pop-ups, disturbing the overall experience. There are times when you don’t have the internet connection and you have got some time to kill.

Offline games are seeing a huge demand as people want to avoid ads and the need of having an internet connection. In fact, people keep complaining about the disadvantages of online games.

For instance, when Super Mario Run was launched on the market, several individuals discovered two key drawbacks of Nintendo Co. However, you have come to the right place to discover the games that do not require an active internet connection to play. Image by Joseph Redfield Nino from Pixabay. The coronavirus crisis battered the global economy, but it boosted video gaming revenues as people spent more time playing games due to stay-at-home trends. Major gaming companies like Activision Blizzard, Inc.

Since smartphones are becoming faster and more efficient to handle larger and complex games and nothing beats their portability, more and more people are shifting to mobile gaming. That’s why gaming companies like Activision Blizzard, Inc. So to rank the top free games without Wi-Fi or internet, we looked at games that are accessible on smartphones, some of these games are cross-platform but all of them can be played on an Android phone.

The ranking is calculated using the average of the critic score and Gamerscore termed as play score available on the popular game rating platform whatoplay. Super Cat Tales 2 is an action-packed game full of feline rhetoric and heroics. The cat hero keeps clambering over yellow tanks to blow off flocks of robots into heaps of scrap dust. It’s a game brimming with action, and one of the finest offline pleasures to play on a smartphone.

The interactive gaming session allows Lee The hero to respond to situations, initiate conversation, and devise strategies. The ultimate goal is to save the Clem. The developers have given a fine touch of emotional sentiments to this action-packed game. Zombie games are extremely famous and that’s why companies like Activision Blizzard, Inc.

Smash Hit is the best possible incorporation of Physics into the gaming arena. You throw balls and earn points upon their return Newton’s third law on high.

Hence, the basic object is to smash down the glass structures. If you miss the hit, the points will be ruined. Each level has a different theme with ramped-up difficulty levels.

The glass looks photorealistic with nice effects of impact effect, blur, and smoke. The sound of smashing glasses raises the goosebumps. Have a try! You play as Luchador up in arms against the gummy bears to win the possession of a recipe book. The only control option is the incessant tapping on the screen.

The successor of Alto’s adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is a side-scrolling adventure to veer through a desert onboard a swinging snowboard.

A glittering compendium of pixels, colors, and chiptunes. The ultimate goal is to collect bucks sans receiving a headlong death fall or a bad jump. Once in difficulty, the player may take help from the laws of Physics to rewind the time for a few seconds. Overall, Time Surfer is a viable game for creativity lovers. A simple to-the-core game where the ultimate focus is just on repetitive tapping to decimate the enemies of Inuyasha. Blades of Brim is an easy-breezy gaming spree with short bursts of gaming.

The only motive is to run, run, and run, collecting gear, gobbledygooks, Tibbits, and brownies en route. The aesthetically designed, side-scrolling game banks fully on intuitive sensing. Coming out from the studios of Toronto’s Snowman, Alto’s Adventure is a neatly crafted game where Alto, a snowboarding shepherd, strives to rescue the flock by conjuring up the simple tricks to garnish brownie points. The game ranks 16th in our list of top free games without Wifi or internet.

A steel pot-wearing hero defeats the amazingly-powered zombies to go through the mystical Egyptian tombstones. The game ranks 15th in our list of top free games without Wifi or internet.

Lost in Harmony is a sequel of different games. You have to rush tapping to beat the music. The game ranks 14th in our list of top free games without Wifi or internet.

A classical Metroidvania, Grimvalor’s theme is saving the world from an overarching evil by opening up ever-growing possibilities such as tunnels and attacks.

Cytus, fortunately, or unfortunately, is a single sentient being that remains on the planet among teeming robots who have converted human emotions into certain music. The game is divided into different chapters with overall ten songs. Companies like Activision Blizzard, Inc.

The game ranks 12th in our list of top free games without Wifi or internet. There are 35 missions with varying models of snipers, rifles, and pistols. Super Cat Bros. Now, the ultimate mission is “way out”. Clambering walls, jumping, clinging, and off-balancing the enemies are some of the common tactics of this gameplay.

The enemies could be decimated by a simple trample. The Super Mario World seems a great inspiration for this game. In this game, the players strive to run out of a lab after looting the bonanza of the bullet-gurgling jetpack. The options of rushing, flying, and firing scientists are available. Nonetheless, they have to take note of spinning arcs that spell the electric death knell. Power-ups include the special protective suit and teleporter to help go through.

The game ranks 9th in our list of top free games without Wifi or internet. With million downloads, this game is competing with famous names made by companies like Activision Blizzard, Inc. Quadropus is a rogue brawler that dives from level to level to take on the aquatic creatures of the dark deep.

His armory contains a bludgeon, bubble shield, magical ink to trace enemies, and a few special tricks. On the other hand, foes are equipped with lasers, projectiles, and butt-stomps. The road hurdles are tree-knots, a menacing cave system, and frequent slips. The game has over million downloads. This shows the scale of growth gaming companies like Activision Blizzard, Inc. A little oaf springs into action after his whole village disappears. The oaf has been bestowed with a magical power by forest dwellers to jump around mushrooms, but in turn, he has to help the jungle from evil characters.

The optimal goal is to thwart all the evils that come across and reach Valhalla, the coveted heaven. Oddmar, the protagonist, can be given single and double jumps to run across. Top 10 Energy Sector Stocks for Disclosure: No stakes in Activision Blizzard, Inc. The super investor still sees opportunities ahead. Costco has famously been a good place to work. Over reviews even stated that they “love Costco because they provide you with a living wage and great benefits even working part time.

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