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Summary. The New Draftsman Document dialog allows for the creation of a new Draftsman document (*.PCBDwf) for a chosen project and source PCB document. Altium Designer’s Draftsman® feature offers an advanced new way to create graphical documents for board design production. Featuring a dedicated graphics. 17 – The Layer Stack Legend is placed. Now let’s add and configure a Drill Drawing View and Drill Table to our document. Select Place > Additional Views > Drill.


Altium designer 17 draftsman free download. Streamlining Board Design Documentation with Draftsman in Altium Designer


Featuring a dedicated graphics editor with a rich set of drawing tools, Draftsman produces custom assembly and fabrication output documents that are able to accurately communicate manufacturing intent. With the release of Altium Designer 17, the Draftsman documentation system includes a range of enhancements and нажмите для деталей features that add to its flexibility while improving drawing efficiency.

These include new dimension options, additional drawing object properties, improved rendering performance, and more. Ordinate dimensions are a neat and efficient way to add multiple drawing measurements that are all based on a single reference point.

With this approach, the indicated dimensions are effectively cumulative as they are placed at increasing distances from the nominated reference point — the dimensions are relative to the origin point. Ordinate Dimensions are relative to the first-placed point. To place an Ordinate dimension object in Draftsman, select Ordinate Dimensions from the main Place menu or привожу ссылку Dimensions dropdown menuor select that command after right clicking in the drawing workspace.

The first location selected is the base coordinate that acts as altium designer 17 draftsman free download reference for the subsequent dimension points.

The set of dimensions behave as one object, and can therefore be edited in the Properties panel or moved as a single entity. Note however that altium designer 17 draftsman free download dimensions may be added or removed when the Ordinate Dimension object is selected.

A series of Ordinate Dimensions are treated as one object, but individual entries can be added and removed. The Units for Draftsman objects, nominally set to Metric or Imperial, can be configured to show as both types on individual objects, or as a global setting. This provides an additional level of dimensional clarity and further protection against manufacturing conversion errors. Dual Units can be enabled and configured on an individual dimension object basis in its respective Properties panel options.

Select a placed dimension in the workspace, then check the Dual Units option in the panel’s Units section. The type of unit millimeters, mils, inches is selectable for both the Primary and Dual Units, as is the altium designer 17 draftsman free download Precision. Selectable Dual Units can also be configured for the active document and therefore, altium designer 17 draftsman free download, a Template in the Document Options dialog under the Units tab.

Open the options dialog with the Tools » Document Options menu command, the main toolbar iconor by selecting that command after right clicking in the drawing workspace. Dual Units, and their respective precision settings, can be applied on a per document basis. In some circumstances it may be desirable to including the board design’s Silk Screen overlay in an Assembly drawing view — such as where an existing overlay includes important production information.

To enable the existing Silkscreen layer for a placed Assembly view, simply select the view and check the Show Silkscreen option in the Properties panel. The correct overlay Top or Bottom will be shown for the currently selected View setting.

Note that component graphics and designators on the Silkscreen layer are not displayed, as these elements are automatically handled by Draftsman. All other Silkscreen objects are displayed, including Special Strings.

Controlled Depth Drilling Backdrilling in Altium Designer is a methodology for detecting and removing electrically redundant sections of plated through holes. In the backdrilling technique, the stubs altium designer 17 draftsman free download removed by drilling to a precise Z depth with a slightly oversized altium designer 17 draftsman free download. Read more about Controlled Depth Drilling. In a Draftsman document this arrangement is represented in the Layer Stack Legend, which now includes a graphical representation of all Drill Pairs defined for the board, including any Back Drill Pairs shown with partially drilled out Via barrels.

Draftsman offers altium designer 17 draftsman free download flexible approach to creating templates that can be applied to new documents. Document Templates define a Draftsman document’s content, and support multipage documents, data for the main document attributes tables and lists, drawing types, etc and elements created by the drawing Editor altium designer 17 draftsman free download do not directly depend узнать больше the PCB’s design content.

Along with other types of Drawing Views — such as Assembly, Drill Drawing and Layer Stack views — a template can include any number of Fabrication Views, which might be spread over several sheets. Each Fabrication View would be assigned to a board layer, and its content determined by that layer in the current PCB design. For convenience, a Document Template can be created using a simple dummy PCB design, since the design content will not be used when the template is applied to a new Draftsman document.

A Fabrication style Template might normally include Drill Altium designer 17 draftsman free download, the Layer Stack and additional information, plus Fabrication /14855.txt for all available layers or media creation windows 10 tool microsoft specific set of layers. To create a Fabrication style Template that will include all possible Fabrication Layers from the active design, it is only necessary to place a single Fabrication View and then set its Layer under View to All for document template in the Properties panel.

A special All Layers view option, intended for Template creation purposes, is available for Fabrication Views. The included layers can be restricted to specific groups of layers Silkscreen, Solder Mask, etc using the Layers checkboxes available in the New Draftsman Document dialog. The Fabrication Views included in a document that is fast copy windows 10 on a Template configured for ‘all layers’ are determined by the new document Layers settings.

To create a Template that will include Fabrication Views assigned to specific layers, simply place multiple Fabrication Drawings and assign each to the desired layer. In the below simplified example, Fabrication Views have been added to a single drawing Sheet for a range of Signal Layers only — as indicated in the Layer Stack Legend view.

Draftsman Templates can be created from an existing design, or a purposefully simplified design lacking PCB content altium designer 17 draftsman free download make the task easier — this will also minimize the Template file size. When Draftsman applies a template with multiple Fabrication Views to the current design, any unmatched layers will default to the Top Layer view.

A Draftsman document allows a generic Table to be placed on the drawing and subsequently configured in the Properties panel, and in the table cells themselves. The layout and content of the custom Table is free to be defined читать required by its intended purpose, and offers a flexible way to include additional information in any Draftsman document.

The new Table is placed from the main menu Place » Tableor from its icon on the Table menu in the Drawing Annotations toolbar. Use the following Insert Table dialog to nominate the initial number of rows and columns in the new Table, and therefore its number of cells. Nominate the number of cells in the Table’s rows and columns — these can be modified later via нажмите для продолжения cell’s right-click Table commands.

Click to place the new Table attached to the cursor. Select the table and then use its positioning icon to change the table location. The selected table will change the Properties Panel to its Table mode where the table’s Title, Border and Cell Properties can be configured to /15430.txt. Configure the Table style to suit through the Properties altium designer 17 draftsman free download.

Along with the Border line styles, for the table perimeter Outer Line and cell divisions Inner Linethe style of individual Cell Properties Width, Color, Padding and Text style can be changed as required.

Multiple cells can be selected to change their collective properties — use standard Shift-Click techniques, or click and drag across cells. Right click in a cell and altium designer 17 draftsman free download the Table menu from the context menu to access the cell configuration commands. The right-click Table commands offer a range of standard table manipulation functions.

By using both the Table commands and the altium designer 17 draftsman free download available in страница Table Ms teams meeting dialog, a custom Table can be created to suit a wide range of information needs in a Draftsman document.

The Table shown below, for example, has been constructed to show the information taken from a board Stack Report.

A Custom Table can be constructed to host a wide range of different PCB assembly and fabrication information. Draftsman Enhancements New Feature Summary. Using Altium Documentation. This document is no longer available beyond version Dual Units may be посмотреть больше by default for each type of dimension in the Draftsman section of the Preferences dialog.

The Table is selected when a cell or its Title is clicked, however the Delete command will apply to the specific element that is clicked. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly. We’re sorry to hear the article wasn’t helpful to you. Could you take a moment to tell us why? Connect to Support Center for product questions.

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