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For example, with FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can create custom menus and custom functions, use a special tool to help debug complicated scripts, and more. Hi, i would like to know if there are any approach when debugging a solution? Besides using script debugger to debug a script. 1 Script Debugger, for systematic testing and debugging of FileMaker scripts. 1 Data Viewer, for monitoring fields, variables, and calculations.


Filemaker pro advanced 17 script debugger free

FileMaker Pro free. download full Version With Crack With this code, you’ll be able to produce custom information solutions for your business that run on any platforms as well as Windows, Mac, iOS and therefore the net. Debugging scripts. Note This feature is available when the Use advanced tools general preference is selected. See Using advanced tools.. The Script Debugger is an interactive tool for troubleshooting your FileMaker scripts.. For example, you can you debug scripts that are run from the Scripts menu or keyboard shortcuts; debug a script activated by a script trigger, . Apr 29,  · In Filemaker, we can access the debug tool with the Script Debugger option under the Tools menu. When the scripts run after the Script Debugger is opened, we can manually advance the commands step by step to examine how these script steps have an effect. Script Debugger provides the opportunity to run a single line of the script with the.


Debugging scripts.FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 – download in one click. Virus free.


Read part one here. They simply change an option in the application preferences. Regardless of their access privileges, every user with Advanced tools enabled will see the Script Debugger and Data Viewer items in the Tools menu. Custom Menus cannot block the display of the Tools menu nor any of its items.

If a user is at all curious, they are likely to try these features out. They can step through them one at a time. Why give users without script modification permissions an option that will lead only to disappointment and consternation?

Their experience with the Data Viewer is similar. Without full access privileges, when selecting Data Viewer from the Tools menu, they see the message as shown in Figure 3. If they have Modify privileges for a given script and step through it using the Script Debugger, the Data Viewer will suddenly grant them access for the duration of the script.

Along the same lines, any user can open Database Design Report dialog box. If no such files exist, the box will be empty as shown in Figure 4. Fortunately, you can address this by using a new option as part of an assisted install. An assisted install file allows you to automate the setup of FileMaker Pro Advanced during the installation process. This comes in handy when performing identical installations on multiple computers.

The file contains various required data, such as a generic user name, license key, organization name, and installation options. Note that this file is not interchangeable between macOS and Windows. However, it produces the same final outcome: FileMaker Pro is installed without the need to enter any settings. FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 includes a new option for the assisted install: you can specify whether the user has access to the advanced tools or not see Figure 5. Without this checkbox, the user cannot access the advanced tools.

One major drawback to this approach is that when a user encounters an issue, you may want to work with them at their machine to recreate the problem. Without these tools, you could limit your ability to troubleshoot the issue effectively. Furthermore, when you disable advanced tools, you might have to reinstall in order to re-enable them again. Used as training tools, the Script Debugger and Data Viewer can help educate a new generation of talented citizen developers.

With this in mind, I encourage you to provide these features to your users when appropriate. This way, they can learn more about FileMaker Pro Advanced and use it more effectively. If you have any questions about how to use these FileMaker Pro Advanced tools or any other new features included in FileMaker 17, please contact our team.

It sounds like if assisted install is NOT used, any user would be able to change those custom menus back to regular menus and thereby access unintended commands. Do I have this right? A problem I had with the last installation of FIleMaker Pro 15 onto Windows clients was that our IT department… uh, forgot to follow my instructions about install settings. I was never able to get that rectified huge company, IT not very interested in small needs but it was only Pro settings so not that crucial.

I know, this scenario IS an internal problem, but looks to be much more dangerous in FM That is, can I still install in a way that will close off those Tools? However, it does make the Script Debugger and Data Viewer options appear in the Tools menu, which could be confusing for some users.

But you can test that easily, even in FileMaker 15 Advanced: using FileMaker 15 Advanced, log in as one of your limited users, and see if you can make the menu switch yourself. Regarding the installer files being different, I meant to communicate that you have to create two different assisted install files for the two platforms: one for Mac and another one for Windows. It would be great to be able to change the preference on macOS, as in the Windows Registry.

Have you seen this thread in the FileMaker Community? Looks like Monkeybread Software might have a function for this…. A very helpful article. I was just wondering what happens if you create a script with Full Access privs and then a user who does not normally have the ability to modify any scripts runs the Script Debugger, Do they get to see the script steps then?

Hi David, I apologize for not responding to your comment sooner. I look forward to hearing from you about the results, and my apologies again for not seeing this through myself. Cheers — Mark. I realize that this is system-level, but I wish there were some backdoor way for me to enable the advanced tools temporarily while working with the user. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Figure 1 shows how it will look initially.

Figure 1: Initial view of the Script Debugger. Data Viewer Their experience with the Data Viewer is similar. However, if they cannot modify any scripts, then the Data Viewer is also a dead end.

Figure 5: The assisted install file with the new disable option. About The Author. Mark has 20 years of experience as a FileMaker developer in the areas of cloud integration Jive, Marketo, and SalesForce , hospital systems, B2B telemarketing, and trade publishing. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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