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Tips for Playing Pokémon GO on PC with NoxPlayer. 1. Utilize a virtual location to help you move all over the world and discover more Pokémon as soon as possible. For instance, Find “ V-loc ” on the toolbar and you can input “California” in the searching box, and choose any location of California in the map on NoxPlayer, then you will. Jul 21,  · Part 2: Play Pokemon Go on PC with BlueStacks (1 hour to set up) For previous versions than Windows 10, open Start menu and search Location. Disable it now. Step 8: Set up Fake GPS Pro. You need to return to the Lucky Patcher app. Here, you could see the Fake GPS in the list. If not, head to the “Search” at the bottom and choose. Feb 16,  · Step 3: Install Fake GPS app. The next app that you need is the Fake GPS. This is the most important app, as it will allow you to play Pokémon on PC without actually moving or leaving the house. Fake GPS app replaces your actual GPS location with that of a mock location.

Pokemon go windows 10 pc


You can also create new monsties by splicing their genes into powerful new combinations. Release date: December Steam opens in new tab. As in the originals, you raise, train, and battle your monsters. You can also download monsters trained by other players to battle against. The original games generated new monsters when you inserted random CDs into your PlayStation, a system which KT has brought back by allowing you to search a music database for music titles that will generate monsters.

Release date: January early access Steam opens in new tab. You have teams of creatures who fight each other, different regions to explore, and an evil band of hooligans to take down. Battles are bombastic due to Temtem’s 3D animations, and NPCs and gym leaders known as Dojo masters in the Temtem universe are actually pretty tough to beat—there’s no way you can easily breeze through battles in Temtem.

And the best part is that it’s an MMO, letting you fight and adventure with friends and strangers. Release date: July early access Epic Games Store opens in new tab. It’s a creature collector where your little buddies don’t fight each other, but compete in dance battles—a friendly alternative.

If you get worn out by all the dance battles, the life-sim elements of the game are also a treat. You can build a farming empire, make friends with the locals, and decorate your home with funky furniture, all things I have sunk many many hours into. Ooblets is still in Early Access but there’s plenty to do, and the majority of its story is ready to play. If you’re still not sold on Ooblets, look no further than Gloopy Longlegs opens in new tab.

Release date : July Steam opens in new tab. Free Download Secure Download. Step 2 — Open the program and with an appropriate USB cable, connect your smartphone to the computer. Step 3 — Select your phone from the list of detected devices, click OK, and select the Transferring files feature to initiate the link. Different phones have different ways to do this, just simply check this guide.

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Battle Other Trainers. Return to Gallery. Release Date: July 6, Platform: Android devices. Do you have what it takes to become the best there ever was? Complete Google sign-in if you skipped step 2 to install App. One of the greatest things about Pokemon GO is the requirement to actually go outside and hunt down Pokemon. This intriguing new concept has not only made players exercise, but it is bringing gamers from all over the world together through chance Pokestop meetings.

The only problem with all of this wonderful travelling is the immense drain on your battery.


– Pokemon go windows 10 pc


One of the greatest things about Pokemon GO is the requirement to actually go outside and hunt down Pokemon. This intriguing new concept has not only made players exercise, but it is bringing gamers from all over the world together through chance Pokestop meetings. The only problem with all of this wonderful travelling is the immense drain on your battery. No matter which mobile device you are using, hunting down hundreds of wild Pokemon will be taxing.

With BlueStacks 5, you can get started on a PC that fulfills the following requirements. Up to date graphics drivers from Microsoft or the chipset vendor. BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended.

Adventure Niantic, Inc. How to Download Apps on PC. Lucky Patcher will help you to do exactly that. Now, in order to use Lucky Patcher, you need to have a rooted Android device.

This is where KingRoot comes into the picture. It will be treated as cheating or hacking. Niantic is pretty strict about its anti-cheating policies. If it discovers that you are using an emulator or using GPS spoofing then it might ban your account.

It starts off with a warning and soft ban and then ultimately leads to a permanent ban. You will no longer be able to access your account and all your data will be gone. You need to be very careful while spoofing your location. Remember that Niantic tracks your movements by constantly collecting your GPS location, so if you move from one place to another too fast, Niantic would immediately understand that something is fishy.

Therefore, give enough cooling time before changing your location. Only travel small distances at a time, something that you can easily cover on foot. The first step would be to install the Android emulator on your PC. BlueStacks will allow you to get the experience of a smartphone on your device. It is a virtual engine that allows you to install and use Android apps on the computer. You can find the setup file on the internet and it is absolutely free to download.

Once the installation is complete sign in to your Google account. As mentioned earlier, you need a rooted device to use Lucky Patcher. You need to install the KingRoot app on BlueStacks. After that, click on the APK symbol on the navigation pane on the left side of the screen.

BlueStacks will now ask you to select the APK file from the computer. KingRoot App will now get installed on BlueStacks. Now, launch the KingRoot app and tap on the Root button. Reboot BlueStacks after this and then proceed to the next step. The next app that you need is the Fake GPS. If the location is changed slowly and gradually, then it can be used to emulate walking.

Although this app is available on the Play Store, do not install it directly. Earlier on, you could simply enable mock locations on your device and use the Fake GPS app to spoof your location. However, Niantic improved their security system and now it can detect if mock locations are enabled, in which case it does not allow you to play the game.

Lucky Patcher will help you with this. Similar to KingRoot, this app is not available on the Play Store. After the installation is complete, launch Lucky Patcher and grant whatever access permission it seeks.

Now tap on the Rebuild and install option. Now click on the Install as a System app option and confirm by clicking the Yes button.

You will be prompted to restart BlueStacks after this ignore that and reboot it manually by clicking on the cogwheel icon on the top-right corner and click on the Restart Android Plugin option. This is because it is a hidden system app. You will have to launch the app from Lucky Patcher each time. We will discuss this later in the article. In order to properly spoof your location, there are a few settings that need to be changed.

Firstly you need to set High Accuracy mode for location on BlueStacks. To do so, click on the cogwheel icon on the top-right corner and then select the Settings option. Now go to Location and here set the Mode to High Accuracy. The next thing that you need to do is disable location services for Windows.

This is to make sure that conflict of location does not take place. Here, go to Privacy and select the Location option. After that simply turn off the location services for your PC. You can also simply search for Location in the Start menu and disable the setting from there. Once everything has been set, it is time to get familiar with Fake GPS. This is because it is a system app and Bluestacks does not display system apps. You need to use Lucky Patcher to open the app each time.

Launch the Lucky Patcher app and head straight to the Search bar at the bottom. Here you will find Filters, select that and click on the check box next to System apps and hit Apply. Fake GPS will now be displayed on the list. Click on it and select the Launch app option. This will open Fake GPS. Since it is the first time that you are launching the app, you will be greeted with a little How to operate instructions. This will be followed by a brief tutorial.

Carefully go through it to understand how the app works. The next thing that you need to do is enable Expert mode. Click on the three-dot menu on the top-right corner and select Settings. Here, you will find the Expert mode, make sure to click on the check box next to it to enable it.

When you get a warning message, simply tap on the Ok button. Using the Fake GPS app is pretty simple.


Pokémon GO – Download for PC Free.Top 4 Ways to Play Pokemon GO on PC

Here’s how to download and install Pokemon GO on Windows 10 PC/laptops/tablets via BlueStacks emulator. See playing and battery saving tips and tricks. Method 1. Play Pokémon GO on PC/Mac via AirDroid Cast. AirDroid Cast is the best application to screen mirror your mobile devices to Windows or Mac OS. For now, Nintendo has not released this game for Windows devices. However, you can play this game on your Windows 10 PC using Android emulator.